Uncertainty creates the Opportunity for Industries and Associations to Reimagine Industry Growth

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This book is ideal for executives, managers, business leaders of all kinds, business students and professors. Reimagining Industry Growth is required reading for anyone who hopes to tap into the potential strength and value of effective strategic partnerships.

Reimagining Industry Growth provides an important overview of strategic partnerships, how they work, and how they can be applied to industry relationships with trade associations.

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Illuminating and fact based case studies from five different industries
Roadmaps for executives to apply the lessons learned from industry success stories
How to move the needle for entire industries via effective strategic partnerships and achieve unprecedented growth


What Experts Are Saying About Strategic Partnerships and Industry Growth:


"If you are charged with growing your business, this book proves that joining your industry association and commiting yourself and your organization to actively supporting it will pay you back at least ten-fold. You will get smarter quicker, and you will meet the best people in the industry. The time and effort you commit will enable you to forge business-to-business partnerships with the best suppliers and customers. You will better understand where you competitors are going so that you can either challenge them or lead your company elsewhere with a higher probability for success."

Steve Heese
President, Chris-Craft and Chairperson, National Marine Manufacturers Association
Sarasota, Florida


"In today's fast-paced and constantly evolving world, Reimagining Industry Growth by Dan Varroney provides practical guidance, actionable insights and effective strategies to help industries and trade associations utilize the power of partnerships to drive success."

Melissa Hockstad
President & CEO, American Cleaning Institute
Washington, DC


"In Reimagining Industry Growth, Dan Varroney provides powerful insights for both industries and professions in these incredibly unpredictable times. Dan's intriguing propositions offer surprising revelations to achieve collaborative growth through strategic relationships with real-life case studies. He shows how any industry can benefit from effectively using trade associations, to exponentially increase support, influence, and resilency. Every CEO, executive, and board member could benefit from reading Dan's book."

Kelly Kidwell
Immediate Past Chair of Finesca and CEO, Pacific Advisors
Claremont, California


"In this book, Dan's wealth of experience with multiple industries and trade associations creates an essential read for both industry executives who are part of an association and association leaders themselves. Through a series of well documented case studies, we are reminded of the inherent value for an industry in building strategic partnerships with their trade associations. Great insights on the purpose and importance of industry and trade association strategic partnerships, especially in a time of increasing uncertainty."

Juan Carlos "JC" Scott
President and CEO, Pharmaceutical Care Management Association
Washington, DC

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US doesn’t have a ‘unified, cohesive’ energy policy today: Dan Varroney

Nov. 1, 2022 – 4:54 – Potomac Core President and CEO Dan Varroney discusses U.S. energy independence under Biden’s leadership and skyrocketing diesel prices.

Worker shortage will be a ‘persistent challenge’: Varroney

Jan. 12, 2022 – 4:08 – Potomac Core President and CEO Daniel Varroney argues the ongoing labor shortage will result in more automation and employee competition.

Our Clients Say

Alliance for Automotive Innovation represents the entire auto industry – manufacturers, suppliers, semiconductor and battery producers, and technology providers. The auto industry is the country’s largest manufacturing sector – supporting 10 million jobs coast-to-coast and five percent of GDP. It’s also a sector undergoing a 100-year transformation – grappling with the mega trends of electrification, automation and connectivity – unfolding in a high stakes policy environment. To prepare the association for the exciting but unpredictable future, we turned to Dan Varroney and Potomac Core to assess the association from top-to-bottom and help reimagine our role supporting the auto industry in the years ahead. Dan thoughtfully guided us through a six-month process ultimately producing a plan to expand the association’s core offerings and update its business model. Trade associations looking to build agenda setting organizations are in good hands with Dan and the Potomac Core team.

John Bozzella
President & CEO
Alliance for Automotive Innovation

Our Clients Say

Conducting strategic planning in the middle of a global pandemic, economic uncertainty, and an election year was challenging. We needed a fresh approach to determine how the Association could evolve into a valuable strategic resource in new areas affecting the business of frozen food in addition to our core strengths of advocacy and food safety. Dan Varroney and his Team at Potomac Core – Association Consulting did an impressive job implementing a thorough, iterative, and data driven planning process. Their energetic, collaborative, and results driven approach was highly effective, and it energized our Board and staff. Our new strategic plan reflects Industry challenges and outcomes, and now AFFI is even better positioned to deliver long term strategic solutions for our members.

Alison Bodor
President & CEO
American Frozen Food Institute
audrey copeland, president & CEO of NAPA

Our Clients Say

When I was appointed the President & CEO of the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) in 2019, the Board seized the opportunity to increase and align member and stakeholder engagement with the asphalt pavement industry’s challenges, priorities, and strategies. Dan Varroney and the Potomac Core team focused on our unique members and industry partners, deftly applying a process that enabled input and analysis across the association. As a result, we’ve implemented a modern governance structure designed to encourage engagement from members nationwide, as well as regionally and at the state level. Most notably, industry leaders, stakeholders, and partners have stepped up their engagement with NAPA and the asphalt pavement industry. Dan’s data-driven process continues to provide value, guiding our strategies to achieve outcomes for NAPA members and to advance our industry.

Audrey Copeland
President & CEO
National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA)

Our Clients Say

Dan Varroney was instrumental in the development of the Naval Academy Alumni Association’s Strategic Plan 2030. Dan quickly learned the culture and nuances of our organization, as well as the strengths and expertise of the planning committee that we assembled. He elegantly led us through his process and framework, while allowing for deviations from that framework when we came upon areas that needed special attention. Over the course of nine months, the plan ownership shifted from Dan, to the committee, and ultimately to us staff members who put the final details together. We are grateful for Dan’s commitment to our organization and thoroughly enjoyed working with him. He’s a true professional and a wonderful person!

Jeff Webb (U.S.N.A. ‘95)
President & CEO
U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association and Foundation

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