Trade Association Insights: Advocacy, Industry Promotion, & Strategic Partnerships

President & CEO


Advocacy is at the core of every Trade Association Business model. However, Advocacy and how Trade Associations execute their policy and regulatory efforts is rapidly evolving. At a time when Industries most need help, the polarized political environment is stalling forward movement on key policy initiatives. In response, Trade Associations are reimagining their approaches to policy and regulatory challenges, and they are delivering new approaches to achieve Advocacy results that their Boards and  members expect.

Today’s Trade Association CEO is viewing their policy and Advocacy efforts in different ways. Leaving yesterday’s approach behind, they are incorporating two new strategic deliverables to help bolster their Advocacy work, and  that includes Industry Promotion and Strategic Partnerships:

Industry Promotion (Industry Story Telling) – Communicates and educates about products, what they are, what they mean, and how they help consumers, employees, and communities.

Strategic Partnerships – Building large ecosystems that consist of Trade Associations that represent Industry segments, Industry Supply Chains, or Value Chain Companies. Over time these have proven that they can help far extend the reach of an Industry and provide sufficient leverage regardless of the party in power.

Many thanks to David Rehr, PhD, for hosting this important conversation on how Trade Associations can bolster their Advocacy work by incorporating Industry Promotion and Strategic Partnerships, adding even more value to the Members that they serve.

For more information on how Potomac Core can help your Trade Association incorporate Industry Promotion and Strategic Partnerships into your Advocacy work,  please contact Dan Varroney  or