3 Steps to Culture of Innovation at Associations

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3 Steps to Culture of Innovation at Associations. Associations face a growing demand to customize programs, benefits and services for  members. “Mass Customization” is a reality says John M. Bernard, a noted Author and founder and Chairman of Mass Ingenuity www.massingenuity.com. In his Book “Business at the Speed of Now” Bernard emphasizes  that in a new millennium, customers expect immediate and customized solutions or they’ll go elsewhere. Bernard who will serve as a Guest Contributor for Potomac Core Consulting’s Blog,  breaks new ground helping Associations focus on new approaches to satisfy members. Bernard emphasizes Associations are best served when their Leaders establish an “innovative and creative culture for their workforce.”

3 Steps to Culture of Innovation at Associations

3 Steps to Culture of Innovation

John M. Bernard
Chairman and Founder,
Mass Ingenuity


  1.  Make Staff Empowerment the Norm

Encouraging staff to listen closely and identify specific needs from members, prospects and sponsors is a first step. The objective is to have staff feel empowered to quickly solve problems without intervention from higher levels of management.




      2.  Create an Innovative Centered Culture

Association Executives can create a culture whereby employees believe they can create, express themselves and innovate. Innovation is especially a key determinant of Association revenue growth. As member demands become more unique, Associations need to rely on innovation in order to satisfy unique needs.


    3.    Define Clear Boundaries

An essential part of creating an innovative culture is providing clarity for employees. For example, defining project boundaries meaning performance expectations, responsibilities and metrics for success. Says Bernard “if Managers do the hard work” and establish definition it will help foster positive culture and employee engagement.

Relevance in a Now World

Associations looking to stay relevant with members, prospects and sponsors can do so with 3 Steps to Culture of Innovation. In a customized and a Now World this could be the Member Satisfaction Game Changer Associations seek.

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