Post Midterms: Clarion Call for Industries and Executives

Forty year high inflation, persistent supply chain challenges, a tight employment market, and the threat of increasing global conflict require far different thinking than at any other time in history. Just as necessity is the mother of invention, these hard times break open the door to strategic partnerships between industries and their trade associations. This is an opportunity and a clarion call for industries and executives.

Post Midterms: Apply Strategic Partnership Strategies

Undoubtedly, this recent election and every election has consequences, sometimes severe in nature. New leaders in Washington, DC and in state capitols exert influence over policies and regulations that most definitely affect the way in which industries conduct business. And newly elected officials from members of congress to state legislatures in many instances may fund new and shifting priorities. There will always be changes in political power and in economic cycles. Now that Midterm elections are over, business executives must pivot and think in broader terms based more on fundamental human characteristics than on the shifts in cultural or political winds. Now is the time to apply strategic partnership strategies between your Industry and your Trade Association.