Strategic Member Engagement

Association Alignment Can Drive Growth

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Engaging boards in strategy development is powerful; the strategic member engagement survey (see results reports that those Associations who have this capability more often report upward 3 Year business trends. However, when actionable member data (through impact surveys) is discussed with boards, it helps Association’s create great conversations on how to align with their member’s business outcomes.

Member “Up at Night” Issues

As part of a broader realignment process, CTAM, the Cable and Telecommunications Association for Marketing makes a concerted effort through annual impact surveys, member meetings, and ongoing board conversations to understand their impact on member “up at night” issues.

ROI and Member Impact Statements

The CTAM Mission, vision, strategy, objectives, culture, and implementation reinforce their commitment to help members grow their business. Zell Murphy, Senior Vice President, Finance & Administration says his team view learning about member alignment and reporting on how they deliver on member outcomes as the Association’s mantra.

Murphy outlines a focused process whereby annual survey data is augmented with member visits, and where open ended conversations on “up at night” issues take place. Staff also shares individualized “Member Impact Statements” linking the association to key member business outcomes.

Ongoing Focus on Member Business Outcomes

CTAM continually re engineers its strategies and focuses their efforts on affecting membership business performance. How can Association’s replicate these strategies?

  1. Focus volunteer leaders on the members’ success
  2. Facilitate Board strategic discussions about member objectives
  3. Help members achieve their business “outcomes”

Association Alignment Can Drive Growth

What drives growth? Association alignment with member business outcomes. How should Associations develop and implement this strategy? By creating collaborative solutions, and then affecting member business outcomes in ways that members could not do on their own.

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