association bored meetings

Association Bored Meetings

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Are your board members laser focused on their mobile devices during board meetings? Is there a sense of restlessness at your executive committee and full board meetings? Odds are high that your board members are either preoccupied with business challenges or just plain bored with discussions on Association strategies. One way or another, they might be tuning out and if they are, your board meetings might be perceived as association “bored” meetings.

Challenging Economy

U.S. firms operating in a consumer driven economy are still dealing with headwinds. According to the Wall Street Journal, flat wages are playing a role in uneven economic performance. The global economy looks even less promising, the Conference Board revised their Global Economic Outlook in February of this year citing “greater volatility and uncertainty” and “geopolitical uncertainty.”

Bring On Activist Associations

Recognizing global market complexities, Corey Rosenbusch, President and CEO, Global Cold Chain Alliance (of which IARW is a key partner) is moving away from the traditional association model. So much so, that the Association’s newly minted strategic plan amplifies the business outcomes that the Cold Chain Sector seeks to achieve from 2016-2019:

  • Growth the Industry
  • Lead the Cold Chain
  • Develop Talent
  • Drive Supply Chain Profitability

For Rosenbusch, a board task force, and his team, the planning process aligned the association with member business outcomes now supporting and driving Global Cold Chain business performance in a meaningful manner.

Association Bored Meetings

The dramatic shift at the Global Cold Chain Alliance is already showing positive operating results.  According to Rosenbusch, the entire tone of board meetings is much more positive and energetic because of the external market focus. The takeaway is clear, board members prefer to share knowledge and partner with your association to overcome business challenges.

association bored meetings



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