Association Growth Starts With Relevance

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Association Growth Starts With Relevance

Could anyone in the Association universe imagine the Digital world we live in now? News and information are transmitted in real time. Tweets and instant messages flow on mobile devices. And there are new apps everyday to enhance the user interface. How do Association’s stay relevant with their members?

3 Pillar Focus

Competition for a smaller pool of corporate membership dollars requires differentiation. Following the 3 Pillar Focus, Associations will elevate their brand and fortify their value proposition.

Pillar I: Rise above the crowd, using clear and consistent themes. Be viewed as a solution provider, a forceful advocate helping members achieve their business objectives. Digital properties, mobile applications, press releases and e mail consistently drive the message.

Pillar II: Develop authoritative studies and partner with established brand firms. In a 24/7 cable and web news cycle, Radio, Television and Web Producers look for compelling content. Powerful facts and figures and a strong brand partner could secure business media interviews on digital and or traditional media.

Pillar III: Media Partnerships can magnify messaging and the Association’s brand. Work with Trade and other Publications to develop surveys which reflect the contributions of the industry or industries on the economy, export expansion and or research and development.

Look for What’s Next

Always be looking for what’s next, but keep in mind all platforms have a constituency. Never lose sight of how and where you need to drive your messaging. There is always some new technology developing, be ready to drive your message on whatever platform comes next.

Relevance Matters

Regardless of Association size there should be a Communications Strategy. It’s a safe bet and a sure bet. Associations who drive relevance perform well:

  • Annual Conference attendance doubled and Sponsor revenues by 100% at one Association.
  • Online revenues shot up several hundred thousand dollars at another organization.

Association Growth Starts With Relevance

 There is considerable traffic in multiple channels, becoming and staying in front of members is critical to member satisfaction and revenue growth. For Associations relevance is key, driving messaging with a multi channel Communications strategy is necessary and essential.

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