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Is Your Association Inside Out?

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Recently reported economic expansion reflects only one part of an evolving and complex business environment. Cyber threats, disruptive technologies, innovations and social media, an aging workforce, and talent gaps weigh heavily on corporate bottom lines. According to a McKinsey December 2014 Global Survey, “geopolitical concerns remain paramount as a risk to growth for executives whose optimism for the global economy in early 2014 has faded over the course of the year.”

Revisiting the Strategic Plan

Look for member business needs to continually evolve into a new set of expectations for Associations. Is 2015 the year when your Association updates its strategic plan?  Revisiting and aligning with member outcomes could more effectively position an Association and drive long term operating performance.

“Inside Out” Versus “Outside In”

 “Inside Out” and “Outside In”, what are they and why do they matter?

  •  “Inside Out”. An Association is product driven, revenue focused, and focused on its own outcomes. In this scenario, staff creates the business plan (Annual Budget). “If we grow the Association then members will benefit.”
  •  Outside In”. The Association reflects members’ business outcomes and member passions. Staff and Volunteer Leaders Create a Strategic Business Plan. “We’re moving toward a more compelling future for the industry together.”

In 2014, the Strategic Member Engagement Survey highlighted the importance of knowing and acting upon member “up at night issues.” An Association’s business outcome alignment makes a difference, (See blog posts for best practice examples and

Is Your Association Inside Out? 

Creating a Strategic Planning Dialogue geared toward “we’re moving toward a more compelling future for the industry together” sets a much more powerful direction and tone. As your leaders leave the board room, they will see the Association as their ally helping them envision and deliver a more compelling future for their industry.

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