Competitive Positioning and Engagement

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Competitive Positioning and Engagement. As domestic and international for profit competitors attempt to eat into services and product offerings once only delivered by Associations, Competitive Positioning ( is a must. However, a key first step forward is knowing and understanding member “up at night” issues.

Up at Night Issues

Whether obtained in surveys, focus groups, interviews, roundtables, online community dialogue, social media tracking or other mechanisms, it’s essential to understand how the association is currently impacting member objectives. This requires securing actionable data about member perceptions of their environmental and operational challenges. Associations must structure their organizations to fluidly address rapidly changing member needs.

Rapidly Changing Priorities

Actionable data and fluidity opens doors to help Associations shift gears and respond quickly. Working together, staff and connected members provide both fluidity and responsiveness to address rapidly changing member business priorities. These shifts increase relevance and help make the case for increased engagement.

Competitive Positioning

Competitive Positioning and EngagementFor profit competitors are real and Associations should take their threat seriously. For example, ACCA, the Air Conditioning Contractors of America,, is increasing its capacity to quickly learn and adjust. Paul Stalknecht, President and CEO, and his senior team are leveraging what they’ve learned about member “up at night” issues to adapt and magnify the Association’s impact with more online educational programming. Competitive Positioning is Key Member Perspective Identifying “Up At Night” Issues Shift to Online Educational Programming.

Competitive Positioning And Engagement

Knowing Member “Up at Night” Issues Accelerates Association Growth & Positioning ( Having a firm grip on Member “Up at Night” Issues has game change potential for Associations. Aligning organizations with the things that their members really care about enhances their competitive position, accelerates engagement, and favorably impacts operating results.

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Competitive Positioning and Engagemen