Core Connections can Help Double Association Revenue Growth

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Core Connections can help Double Association Revenue Growth

Competition squeezing revenue growth at your Association? Seth Godin has the right thought on competition; “…it takes away the requirement to set your own path, to invent your own method, to find a new way.”  Associations face competitive pressure from new single issue coalitions and Associations, Law Firms, and Public Relations Firms. New growth path? Drive Home Core Connections, connect to your member’s business objectives to every program and on every platform.

Link Your Core Connections to Member Pain Points Everywhere

Make it a priority. Display your Association’s commitment to help your members achieve their business objectives. Associations who reflect member concerns increase their competitive position, elevate renewal rates and grow revenues.

Engage your Senior Management team, involve your Board Members and Drive Home your Association’s Core Connections:

  1. Association mission, vision statement and value proposition
  2. Public policy agenda and advocacy programs
  3. Website, new and traditional media, member communications
  4. Conferences and educational programming
  5. Peer to peer best practice sharing
  6. Membership recruitment and retention
  7. Organizational structure, performance objectives and compensation programs

Core Connections Work

Associations linking to member business objectives see results:

  • New member revenues grew almost $2 million in revenue in a two year window.
  • Renewals delivered over 90% retention
  • Key CEO’s agreed to participate on an Association’s Board of Directors

Core Connections can Help Double Association Revenue Growth

It’s a safer bet that renewal conversations and new member recruitment meetings become a lot easier if Associations reflect Core Connections.

Seth Godin nails it. Associations should set their own path and find a new way.

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