EIFS Industry Thrives on Strategic Partnerships

President & CEO


Strategic Partnerships work and they really matter. In a time of constant change and uncertainty, Industry Executives seek new ways to create a better business environment and drive top line growth. Industries ranging from the Vertical Aviation Industry (Helicopter Association International)  to the Frozen Food Industry (American Frozen Food Institute) are building Strategic Partnerships with their Trade Associations. They are utilizing research, convening Industry leaders and transforming Trade Associations into Strategic Business Units of the Industry. While the outcomes vary from one Industry to the next, its clear that these partnerships are making a difference. The latest success story comes from the EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems) Industry. Executives convened at EIMA, the Industry Trade Association, to identify common challenges and business outcomes in a Strategic Industry Planning Process.


The EIFS Industry Members Association (EIMA) is the front line of the EIFS Industry. This Association brings together most of the Value Chain,Suppliers, Manufacturers, Distributors, Contractors, Architects, Related Products Manufacturers and Suppliers. Their focus is advancement and growth of the Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS) industry. Stephen Sears, CEO of the organization, “Our products are the original continuous insulation that has been in use for decades, today’s EIFS is an outstanding performer with respect to thermal and moisture control and provides maximum energy savings and reduced environmental impact. We’re excited to share that EIFS offers enviable design flexibility as it comes in a huge number of color, texture, and decorative choices to enhance curb appeal and enjoyment of almost any home or structure.”

In late 2021, EIMA’s Board directed the completion of a far reaching Strategic Industry Plan that would help the Industry’s Products achieve broader recognition among end users. The six month process included qualitative research, analysis, and deliberations that surfaced go forward opportunities for all companies and serve as a rising tide that lifts all boats strategy for the entire value chain. The new plan, unanimously approved by the Board, is known as EIMA 2.0. Steve Smithwick of Master Wall, Inc., EIMA’s President, exclaims, “the timing is just right. With architects and designers seeking energy-efficient, architecturally flexible products, there are great possibilities for our Industry.”

The new plan incorporates all of the elements including an Industry focused Strategic Objective, three Strategic Initiatives, and Working Groups that consist of companies in the Value Chain. Stepehen Sears, CEO notes, “Thanks to our new Plan, Governance & Committee Structure, new Dues Structure, & Working Groups, EIMA is the EIFS Industry focal point to collaborate on all shared outcomes. We’re committed to helping promote the Industry, provide meaningful Technical & Research support, Advocacy that better shapes the Business Environment for our Members, & Education & Workforce Development that retains and attracts best in class workers.”

All of the Working groups that drive the plan are operational, and they are led by key Industry Leaders:

The 2023 Annual Meeting held in Palm Springs, California highlighted EIMA’s efforts to continually expand their Strategic Partnerships to promote and advance EIFS products throughout the United States and North America:

Industry and Trade Association Strategic Partnerships are effective regardless of the size of the organization. Although EIMA’s revenues are just over $1mm and have 2 full time staff members, the Trade Association far extends the reach of the Industry.

The EIFS Industry thrives on Strategic Partnerships, they work, and they really matter. The bell rings loudly for Industry Executives and Trade Associations. This is the time to Reimagine Industry Growth and build Industry and Trade Association Strategic Partnerships. The door is open, and the opportunities can be limitless if your organization and the Industry move forward together.

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