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Innovation & Association Relevance

President & CEO


When is the timing right to embrace innovation and change at your Association? Some argue that with an improved economy its best to leave well enough alone. Maybe, no. The real question? How well are you positioned to help your member’s achieve their business outcomes in a time of dramatic innovation and change? 

Strategic Inflection Point

As Associations assess their relevance, it might not necessarily be a time for celebration. Creative disruption in a twenty-four seven world makes it challenging for members to survive. How innovative your Association is today will dictate whether or not your organization will survive or thrive. Andrew S. Grove, former Intel CEO, says in his book Only the Paranoid Survive “The person who is the star of the previous era is often the last one to adapt to change, the last one to yield to logic of a strategic inflection point and tends to fall harder than most.”

Association Relevance

Is it time to engage your board in strategic conversations? Associations who have highly engaged and strategically focused Boards have a very high correlation to the Association’s operating results. A future and innovation focused conversation with your board will help your Association understand where it is today, and where it must be to remain relevant and competitive.

Innovation & Association Relevance

Innovation is about the future and what your Association’s role is in helping your members achieve their hard earned business objectives. Competition and creative destruction represent the same lethal threats to Associations as they do for everyone else. Leverage your Association from a position of strength. Act now. Define your strategic inflection point, engage your board in a strategic planning process, and utilize a 3 year roadmap to align your Association with member business outcomes and passions.

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