Knowledge Based Solutions

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Knowledge Based Solutions. In today’s knowledge economy, an association’s competitive positioning requires a differentiating “experience” that treats each member as having a piece of the knowledge puzzle. Members are seeking knowledge based solutions which require both “push” and “pull” approaches.

“Push” and “Pull” Approaches

knowledge based solutionsMost association executives recognize that the challenges their members face today require knowledge based solutions. However, the prevailing approach seeks out knowledge experts and “push” that person’s knowledge out to the membership through educational programs, newsletters and journals.

Today’s Leading edge associations view their role as the integrator, aggregator, curator, and enabler. This means they “pull” members together and facilitate the sharing of knowledge so that innovative solutions are created to address shared member challenges and opportunities. These associations view their constituencies as each member having a piece of the knowledge puzzle.

Knowledge based solutions are achieved through a proactive blend of “push” and “pull” information sharing mechanisms.

Competitive Edge Using Knowledge Based Solutions

Associations accelerate their competitive positioning when they address “up at night” issues by creating opportunities for members to share knowledge and create new solutions together. As such, the differentiator are the relationships members create as they work collaboratively to impact the solutions they collectively seek.

Members desire knowledge based solutions which include “push” and “pull” approaches where each member owns a piece of the knowledge puzzle.

These factors help associations create a differentiating experience that help improve their competitive positioning (see Knowledge Sharing And Engagement

Knowledge Based Solutions

When competing for mindshare, strategic member engagement ( can be a marketplace differentiator for Associations. The strategic challenge is to continually fill the pipeline with constituencies who seek a more powerful “experience” than they receive at competitor organizations.

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