Knowledge Sharing And Engagement

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Knowledge Sharing And EngagementKnowledge Sharing And Engagement. In a knowledge economy, it’s all about having just in time sources that help members drive their business and professional outcomes ( With more information and knowledge sharing sources, corporate and individual members can vote with their feet and connect somewhere else.

New Norm

With today’s new norm, how do Association’s differentiate their organization from all of the alternatives? Moreover, how do organizations:

  • Have the information tonight for the member question they need to answer tomorrow morning?
  • Create a differentiating “experience” that makes members think of your organization first (before they Google or Bing for other sources)?
  • Build a connected community that positions organizations and their constituencies for long term success?

Knowledge Sharing

Members only care about “outcomes” that address their business and professional challenges and opportunities. Change the conversation from selling and testing satisfaction to engaging members in ways that facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration with other members and watch what happens.

ACCA, the Air Conditioning Contractors of America,, invested in and recently expanded its online sharing capabilities. President and CEO Paul Stalknecht sees an increase in engagement in their knowledge sharing portals.

Knowledge Sharing And Engagement

Evolving technology capabilities are rapidly, and cost-effectively enabling effective knowledge sharing among members. Increasingly, associations are recognizing, especially when facing in particular stiff competition, that member engagement strategies can be their true differentiator and game changer in the marketplace.
Members value and make contributions to activities helping them achieve something they care about. Treat each member as having a piece of the puzzle and the association’s job is to facilitate 24/7 knowledge sharing which will lead to innovative solutions and increased member engagement.

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