Post Midterms: Clarion Call for Industries and Executives

President & CEO


Forty year high inflation, persistent supply chain challenges, a tight employment market, and the threat of increasing global conflict require far different thinking than at any other time in history. Just as necessity is the mother of invention, these hard times break open the door to strategic partnerships between industries and their trade associations. This is an opportunity and a clarion call for industries and executives.

A growing number of industries are engaged in strategic partnerships with their trade associations, and they are effective. These partnerships help build and drive ecosystems of industry segments throughout the supply chain that far extend the reach any individual company. These ecosystems change the game for industries as outlined in Chief Executive.

Industry leaders are capable of overcoming adversity and achieving lofty and heroic breakthroughs during moments of intense challenge. As noted in an article the publication In Business, there are silver linings and opportunities to thrive in the most innovative and productive economy in the world.

There is hope for every industry that decides to stand together to work together, to strategize together, and to figure out the best hope for moving forward—together. Every industry may be right at the gates of a major breakthrough. It just needs a right nudge. Success is more likely now than ever before because the recipe for building a successful industry-wide strategic partnership by leveraging trade associations has been tested in a diverse set of circumstances.

It’s a clarion call for industries and executives to unite and develop precompetitive solutions that lead to more innovation, growth, prosperity and global competitiveness.

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