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In an increasingly competitive and low profit margin world companies only invest time, money, and staff resources where they can drive business outcomes. With fewer dollars to spend, today’s executives look past yesterday’s Association model and instead seek out strategic partners.

Companies Have Limited Resources

Members have limited time and resources to spread among Associations, coalitions, and for profit solution providers. Forward leaning Associations align themselves with member business outcomes and demonstrate the capability to impact the business success that members collectively seek.

Pro Active

Today’s transformative associations view their role as the integrator, aggregator, curator, and enabler. This means “pulling” members together and facilitating the sharing of knowledge so that innovative solutions are created to address shared challenges and opportunities.

For example, CTAM, the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing ( provides opportunities for their members to learn and share effective strategies to maintain and increase their subscriber bases. Zell Murphy, Senior Vice President, Finance & Administration highlights how his Association is providing opportunities for members to learn and solve problems all year long.



Leading associations like CTAM, and several others are figuring out how to capture the insights of many members and stakeholders and provide the tools that enable members to tap into the collective knowledge for strategic and tactical insights “on demand.” Members cannot afford to wait for next month’s association journal or next year’s conference to identify solutions to today’s pressing business challenges.

Pro Active Knowledge Sharing

Associations like CTAM who provide platforms for their members to promote and share knowledge and develop and work toward solutions are effectively positioning for the long term. Success is all about helping members achieve their business outcomes.

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Pro Active Knowledge Sharing