Reimagining Industry Growth: Groundbreaking New Book Available for Purchase

Reimagining Industry Growth

Arlington, Virginia, January 11, 2022 –  Reimagining Industry Growth, an insightful new book on how to tap into the potential of strategic partnerships with industry associations, is slated for release by Wiley Publishing tomorrow, January 12, 2022. The book provides an overview of strategic partnerships, how they work, and how they can be applied to industry relationships with trade associations. Daniel A. Varroney is the book’s author, and he is the President and CEO of Potomac Core, a strategic consulting firm that specializes in association transformation and industry focused strategic partnerships.

The book also includes factual case studies outlining strategic partnerships in different industry segments, roadmaps for executives to apply the lessons learned from industry success stories on leveraging relationships with trade associations, and advice on how to move the needle to achieve unprecedented growth. Varroney demonstrates how utilizing these institutional frameworks can help business leaders leverage the collective strength of the supply chains and value chains to overcome challenges, address uncertainty, mitigate risks, and position their industries for growth.

Reimagining Industry Growth Varroney notes, “The world is still reeling in many places as a result of the global pandemic. This book is a call to action for industries and their executives. Company leaders will read about how industry leaders absorb blows, learn valuable lessons, and then reimagine industry growth through strategic partnerships. The case studies encourage new and different thinking on how every industry can build its own roadmap to success.”

Reimagining Industry Growth is receiving praise from Industry Leaders and Trade Association CEOs. Chris Astley, Chairman, INDA (Nonwovens Industry Trade Association), adds “In a world of increasing complexity, Dan Varroney’s insights and analytics are helping industries and trade associations push the envelope and identify the art of the possible. Challenging traditional thinking, Dan’s customer-centric and partnership ideals are setting a new precedent for how trade association leaders and industry executives collaborate in support of sustainable value creation.”

Varroney will appear on Mornings with Maria on Fox Business with Maria Bartiromo, Global Markets Editor & Anchor on Wednesday January 12th to discuss the book.

Reimagining Industry Growth is now available for order at AmazonBarnes & NobleBooks-A-Million, and Wiley.