Brian Wynne, Association of Unmanned Vehicles International

“Potomac Core’s data driven strategy approach gave our Board and Staff team clarity and helped us build a plan to help advance the Unmanned Systems Industry. Dan Varroney and his team did an outstanding job engaging our Board and the Industry. Their research & strategic planning methodology is unique, thorough, impressive, and actionable.  We can move forward knowing that our new strategies are aligned with industry challenges and our member’s desired business outcomes.”

Brian Wynne

President & CEO
Association of Unmanned Vehicles International


AUVSI incorporates a unique brand of fast moving entrepreneurial transformation with an impressive myriad of Advocacy, insightful research, thought leadership, and engagement. The organization is defining and promoting the future quality of life for current and future generations through Unmanned Systems. With an adaptive market focus, the Association directs resources to advance deployment of Air, Ground, Maritime, and Enabling Technology Systems.

Whether at the federal, state, or local level, the Association utilizes insightful research for stakeholders through its Unmanned Systems & Robotics Database (USRD). This and other research, including the Industry’s economic footprint. It also helps build acceptance in the regulator and legislator communities. The Board of Directors, Members, & Chapters are part of an engagement juggernaut to advance acceptance of Unmanned Systems. Targeted Advocacy to advance Industry Acceptance in the marketplace is top of mind.

Through a robust market research strategic planning process, industry leaders and the
association leveraged an opportunity to identify additional steps that AUVSI could take to
advance Unmanned Systems.


In a yearlong data driven process, a Task Force comprised of industry leaders and board members reaffirmed AUVSI’s longstanding commitment to Advocate and be the voice of the Unmanned Industry, and Connect the Industry by providing events and resources to facilitate connections and business. In addition, the Task Force and the Board of Directors agreed upon 2 additional strategic goals for AUVSI:

  • Educate the Public to Increase the public’s familiarity and acceptance of unmanned systems – To realize maximum success in advocacy, the industry must gain higher public acceptance. The majority of industry survey respondents agrees that promoting a positive industry image and addressing safety concerns are key to achieving market growth. Success in advocacy is directly tied to widespread public acceptance.
  • Educate the Industry – Focus resources on helping the unmanned and autonomous systems industry make informed  investment decisions through business intelligence and insights. Aggregating industry data and sharing meaningful analysis will help industry members forecast demand for unmanned and autonomous products and services and yield higher success in the development of new technologies and services. Having this insight can also help determine research and development investments needed to produce technology for future opportunities.