David Holt, President of CEA

“Many thanks to Dan Varroney and the team at Potomac Core for their detailed and diligent research, and strategic guidance helping Consumer Energy Alliance chart a path for our future communications, member engagement, and market strategies. The Potomac Core process helped bring the diverse CEA membership together, offered the CEA Board strong and creative recommendations, and it energized the organization.”


The Consumer Energy Alliance collaborates with dedicated citizens and community leaders around the nation to advocate and promote sensible energy policies for consumers, families, and small businesses. A crucial part of this effort is the sound and unbiased information that the organization provides on energy and environmental issues.

Working at every level of government, CEA helps policymakers and the general public learn more about all of the forms of energy used in all cities and states, and how sensible policies and thoughtful solutions can help develop energy resources while meeting critical environmental, conservation, and efficiency goals.


The Board of Directors and staff worked for a year to understand current and future energy and environmental challenges. Through the process they applied survey research to develop an actionable strategic plan. In June 2020, the Board approved the following plan to guide their work over the next three years:

  • CEA Strategic Energy Industry Objective: The Energy Value Chain is recognized by elected officials, regulators, and consumers as the driver of jobs and economic strength for families and communities.
  • Strategic Initiative 1. Buildout the Domestic Energy Supply Chain – Achieve buy in from Federal, State, and Local Officials to build out a fully functional Energy Supply Chain in the United States.
  • Strategic Initiative 2. Sustainable Economy and Environment for Communities and Families – Deliver an information resource on environmentally focused regulatory practices and solutions to Corporate Energy Consumers and Energy Companies
  • Strategic Initiative 3. Environmental Stewardship Initiative (ESI) – Help the Energy Industry develop resources that leads to achieving Corporate and social responsibility.