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“Merging two Associations in any environment is challenging. To do it during a pandemic and related economic collapse, amidst societal unrest, during a particularly challenging election year, presented numerous challenges. To leverage our new organization, Finseca worked with Dan Varroney of Potomac Core – Association Consulting. Their robust and engaging process helped us develop a strategic plan that focuses on how we can help our members achieve their business outcomes in any environment. Dan did an outstanding job helping to reorient our thinking away from the traditional internally focused strategic plan to an outside in strategic plan. Our Board and the staff team are energized and ready to implement the new plan.”

Case Study – Finseca


Finseca is the result of a 2020 merger of two leading organizations, The Association for Advanced Life Underwriting and GAMA international. The new Association represents the men and women of the financial security profession who deliver financial security to their clients.

Prior to the merger AALU led a robust federal and state government affairs effort on behalf of the Profession. GAMA played a significant role in leadership and professional development.


The Board, a core team, and group of key staff utilized extensive research to develop an “outside in” focused strategic plan. Over a five month timeframe the key stakeholders worked together to build a strategic and fully integrated resource to help their members overcome their challenges and achieve their business outcomes.
In October 2020, the Board approved the following plan to advance the Profession and help achieve Financial Security for All over the next three years:
Finseca Strategic Industry Objective: Finseca will create an environment where financial security professionals, carriers, policymakers, and consumers work together to build secure financial futures for individuals, families, and business owners.

  • Strategic Initiative 1. Elevate the Reputation of the Profession.
  • Strategic Initiative 2. Accelerate the Professional’s Ability to Serve Consumers.
  • Strategic Initiative 3. Advocate for Public Policy that Promotes Financial Security for All.
  • Strategic Initiative 4. Promote Financial Literacy for All and Attract the Next Generation of Talent to the Profession.