energizing member engagement

“The Potomac Core team delivered radical transformation for our association. Dan Varroney showed our team how to align ourselves with industry and the entire value chain. As a result, we are well situated now to have a major impact on industry outcomes and results. We now can become the leader which our members and the industry need.”

Thayer Long

President, Association for Print Technologies

Case Study – Association for Print Technologies


NPES The Association for Suppliers of Printing, Publishing and Converting Technologies is a trade association of over 600 companies that manufactures and distributes equipment, systems, software, and supplies used in printing, publishing and converting. The Association retained Potomac Core to facilitate a transformative process that would elevate the Association’s relevance to Executives and Business Owners in the Global Printing and Imaging Industry.


A robust qualitative and quantitative research process and extensive Board and Staff Team engagement uncovered critical new pathways for the Industry. A Board Task Force and the Board of Directors collaborated with staff leadership to build a far reaching and “business-outcome” focused 3-Year Strategic Plan.

The Board of Directors unanimously approved the new strategic plan in December, 2016. NPES is now aligned and positioned to drive growth and operational excellence for the Global Print & Imaging Industry.