Trade Association Insights on Market Research

President & CEO


As Trade Associations think through how to best address the unknown unknowns, they are using actionable market research. CEOs and staff recognize how busy their members are, and that the key to success is delivering a value imperative that demonstrates how an organization is moving the needle for both their Industry and their company.

Actionable research is not about member satisfaction, it is about identifying potential gaps and opportunities that will help a Trade Association deliver more value by aligning with Industry “awake at night” challenges and business outcomes. Market research like this is helpful in strategic planning, market segmentation, new product development, and updating value propositions. Utilizing this approach to Market Research can be pivotal in improving levels of Member Engagement as well as helping to stabilize organizational revenues and member retention.

The value imperative is new, its different, and it’s about the Industry. Actionable Market Research will change the game for Trade Associations.

Many thanks to David Rehr, PhD, for hosting this important conversation on Market Research and how Trade Associations can utilize this research to better align their Value Proposition with the Members that they serve.

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