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Traditional Association Thinking?

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Traditional Association Thinking?  Is there an Association that isn’t yet facing a for profit competitor? Both before and after the end great recession for profit competitors are aggressively marketing their way into Association markets. In what was once sacred ground Associations face existential threats to their long term competitive positioning. Commercial firms are investing heavily in tech savvy marketing and they are making their way into the C Suites of small, medium, and large firms across the United States.

For Profit Competitors

Today’s corporate and individual members view their participation with associations through a very different lens. It’s all about having just-in-time sources that help them drive business and professional outcomes. What’s clear is that for profit competitors are gaining ground by positioning themselves as the problem solvers, knowledge experts, and thought leaders. (

Reach Forward

Letting go of satisfaction surveys and traditional thinking is the first step. Does your Association have the capability to assess your association’s impact on “up at night” issues and business outcomes?( If you do you are well on your way to align your association to the things that help foster member success including:

  • Discussing and address member challenges
  • Helping your members achieve their business outcomes
  • Have a what we do “together” culture
  • Focusing volunteer leaders and staff on member success
  • Differentiating your Association by member experience
  • Understanding member needs and preferences by segment

Traditional Association Thinking?

traditional association thinkingHow can your Association repel for profit competitors? “Create unparalleled and sustainable value by bringing people together in ways that they find meaningful and practical, because they perceive an ability to impact something they desire, individually and collectively.” (

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