Podcasts: Why Members Hire Associations

Why Members Hire Associations –  Potomac Core Consulting is pleased to announce that its President & CEO, Dan Varroney is being featured in a series of three podcast episodes. The series is part of a re brand of the weekly podcast series by renowned author JP Moery, President & Founder of the Moery Company. Moery released his bookAssociation Hustle, Top Strategies for Association Growth” and the podcast is closely aligned with the tenets of his book, which provides an actionable blueprint for “association entrepreneurism” needed in today’s organizations.

Hire Associations

    JP Moery

The “Association Hustle” podcast includes discussion of the three types of 21st Century Associations & their CEOs, who address challenges and provide business solutions for Industries:

First Podcast – Constant-transformation associations: Global Cold Chain Alliance, News Media Alliance, & Association for Unmanned Vehicles:

Embracing a new value imperative and recognizing that Members Hire Constant Transformation is a large part of what future focused Associations do. And while relevance is necessary for organizational survival, it’s not enough in this disruptive and uncertain era.  Some leaders already acknowledge that relevance by itself can’t be a winning strategy in a dynamic business environment. They emphasize a need to evolve past relevance, and in doing so they’re fueled with entrepreneurial spirit, constant transformation, and an organizational thirst for commercial success.

 Second Podcast – Tomorrow’s associations: Helicopter Association International, International Sign Association, & the Health Industry Distributors Association:

  • Using relevance as their foundation, these organizations conduct research and engage boards and members to identify and address the next set of Industry challenges. They also understand the Industries business model from product design to marketplace, and the staff teams approach everyday as an act of invention.

Third Podcast – Relevant associations: The Aluminum Association, National Association of Independent Schools, American Cleaning Institute, & The Smart Electric Power Alliance:

  • Relevance is about being connected to the member marketplace with resources geared toward helping your members overcome challenges & achieve success. Associations who utilize this approach understand that Members hire relevant Associations, which means these organizations are built to withstand downturns and thrive during healthy economies. What makes these Associations especially relevant is how their strategies and products position them as either “Industry or Profession solution partners” with their Boards and members.

New Podcast Series: Why Members Hire Associations

The first podcast is already available, the second podcast will be posted on June 19, 2019, and the third podcast will be posted on June 26, 2019. For more information on Why Members Hire Associations, please contact Potomac Core Consulting at (703) 878-8786, team@potomaccore.com, or The Moery Company at (571) 814-3675.